Potain having its origin in France is a worldwide leader in Tower Crane manufacturing with over 1,30,000 units of Tower Cranes sold so far, which makes it the No. 1 Tower Cranes Manufacturer by Numbers sold so far. Potain Potain builds more than 60 types of tower cranes to fit a wide variety of job sites in both fixed type and self erecting tower cranes. Known for their ease of use, efficient transport and quick erection times, there are many reasons why Potain tower cranes dot skylines across the globe.

Potain started its manufacturing of Tower Cranes in India in 1982. By far the oldest Tower Crane manufacturer in India too with over 2000units of Tower Cranes sold in India ranging from 2ton to 64ton capacity.

Self Erecting Tower Crane

Fast, agile and easy to operate, the self-erecting cranes are especially suited for small constructions sites. The Potain self-erecting cranes ranges are the most innovative to make...


Top-Slewing Tower Cranes

Top-Slewing cranes are the large construction sites most strategic equipment for productivity. Whether on large infrastructure, high rise jobsites, crowded urban areas or wide...

Potain Tower Crane at Bhandary Heights

Potain Tower Crane Video Gallery