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Potain Training Center Course at Pune

Tower Crane Operator Training Course at Pune


Pune training Center has been Facilitated with special classroom, Special crane, Driving simulators Etc. The experienced Trainer will provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to our trainee’s on the topic of crane safety, erection, operation and troubleshooting, So it will be the good opportunity to be the part of the same.

A certificate for Potain crane training

Our Certifications

Manitowoc certification will be provided once successful completion of courses.

Potain Crane Care services with a special offer

Our Offer

Crane operation, crane technology, crane diagnostics, crane maintenance, crane safety Etc..

Training for operating Potain tower cranes

Training Equipment

  • MCI85 training crane
  • Hoisting mechanisms: 25PC,60LVF
  • Slewing mechanisms: RCV60,RVF151
  • Trolley mechanisms: 4D3V3,4DVF3
  • Visu EN (Display Indicator), Anti-collision System, Remote control system, Simulators for practical Tests Etc.
Registration for Potain tower cranes


Enclosed “registration Form" which must be filled & submit to us for booking of course. Trainees must be over 18 years old.


Frequently Asked Questions
The Tower Crane Operator Training Course is open to individuals who are over 18 years old and have a keen interest in pursuing a career as a crane operator.
The training course covers a wide range of topics, including crane safety, erection procedures, operation techniques, troubleshooting, and maintenance practices.
The trainers at the Pune Training Center are experienced professionals with expertise in crane operations and safety. They provide both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical training to the trainees.
The Pune Training Center is equipped with specialized classrooms, training cranes, driving simulators, and other necessary facilities to provide comprehensive training to the participants.
Yes, Manitowoc certification is awarded upon successful completion of the Tower Crane Operator Training Course. This certification validates the trainee's competency in operating Potain tower cranes.
The training offer includes instruction on crane operation, technology, diagnostics, maintenance, and safety practices, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive training in all aspects of crane operation.
The training equipment includes a specialized MCI85 training crane and various hoisting, slewing, and trolley mechanisms commonly found in Potain tower cranes. Additionally, simulators and remote control systems are available for practical tests.
Interested individuals can register for the course by completing the enclosed registration form and submitting it to the training center. The registration form must be accurately completed to secure a spot in the course.
While prior experience is not mandatory, participants must be over 18 years old and have a strong interest in pursuing a career as a tower crane operator.
Completing the training course equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate Potain tower cranes safely and efficiently, enhancing their employability and career prospects in the construction industry.

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