History of Potain in India

We pride in ourselves by being the pioneers in bringing the Tower Crane culture to Indian Construction Industry. The foundation of Potain cranes started off with a collaboration with M/s. B. G. Shirke. An association which lasted from 1982 to 2007 that saw the rise of cranes varying from 4 tonnes to 64 tonnes. Then, 2007 witnessed something unique as Potain India took the form of a 100% Indian subsidiary, M/s Potain India Pvt. Ltd. We are largest and longest serving Tower Crane manufacturing Company in India. In 2017 we shifted to our brand new state of the art Factory on outskirts of Pune in Chakan Industrial Area.

Frequently Asked Questions
Potain cranes began their presence in the Indian Construction Industry in 1982, marking the beginning of the Tower Crane culture in India.
Initially, Potain collaborated with M/s. B. G. Shirke, laying the foundation for the introduction of Potain cranes in the Indian market.
The collaboration with M/s. B. G. Shirke lasted from 1982 to 2007 and saw the rise of Potain cranes ranging from 4 tonnes to 64 tonnes in capacity.
In 2007, Potain India transitioned into becoming a 100% Indian subsidiary, known as M/s Potain India Pvt. Ltd., indicating a shift towards greater independence and local presence.
Potain India Pvt. Ltd. is the largest and longest-serving Tower Crane manufacturing company in India, contributing significantly to the development of the construction industry.
Potain India Pvt. Ltd. shifted to a brand new state-of-the-art factory located on the outskirts of Pune in the Chakan Industrial Area in 2017.
During the collaboration, Potain cranes ranging from 4 tonnes to 64 tonnes in capacity were manufactured, catering to various construction needs.
Potain's presence in India has revolutionized the construction industry by introducing advanced Tower Crane technology and contributing to the country's infrastructure development.
Potain cranes have been utilized in various notable projects across India, contributing to the construction of high-rise buildings, infrastructure projects, and industrial facilities.
Potain India Pvt. Ltd. has contributed to local employment and skill development by providing opportunities for employment and training in the manufacturing and servicing of Tower Cranes.

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